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Helping runners find their motivation and build running habits.

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Jannie R.

"This is a great app to help you pick up good running habits. Do your prescribed runs and you'll end up with better cardio and a little more money!"

Katie K.

"I love how the challenges keep track of your miles and  progress as you go. I love the changes that have been added to the app over time!"

Everyone is motivated differently.
We've created 5 different motivational structures inside of RunWage:
  • Money

  • Competition

  • Contribution

  • Personal Growth/Change

  • Transformation

Wherever you are in your personal running journey, and whatever your motivation - RunWage has the tools you need to stay consistent and perform better.

We Have The Tools You Need

Follow A Plan

Follow along with one of our many pre-built running programs, whether you want to run a 5k, half-marathon or just 1-2 miles per day. We have the program for you.

Join Challenges

RunWage hosts various Virtual Challenges for all distances and skill levels. Compete against friends & family across the globe.


Stay Motivated

Every in-app feature is built with accountability in mind. Most apps just give you the tools - RunWage gives you MUCH MORE.

Find Support

The coolest part about RunWage is that you don't have to do it alone. Join our online community of runners at all levels to share wins, get running tips and be a part of the running community.


Pre-built Programs

Follow along with one of our many free pre-built running programs, from walk-to-run, 5k, half marathon and full marathon programs, complete with daily reminders and tracking.

Set Your Own Goal

Use our trademark Self-Directed RunWage Challenge to set your own milage goal for 3-12 months, along with your bet amount per month. Turn $100 into $500!

Listen While You Run

Enjoy podcasts while you run? Check out the in-app Run Your Day podcast audio - short 10-15 minute episodes from the creator of RunWage himself, Dan Hafner.

Video Coaching

Some of our programs come with in-app video coaching, complete with checklists and action items to give you the most value out of your experience.

Run Program Checklists

Tracking programs in an app not your thing? No problem! Download one of our PDF programs to print out and follow along offline at your own pace.

Track Weight & Calories

Is calorie counting a thing of the past? We don't think so. We even have an in-app calorie counter so you don't have to track this in another app. 

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