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RunWage Challenges FAQ

What is RunWage?

RunWage is specifically a running app with various tools to help you run more consistently. We've found that there are roughly 5 different "types of motivation" when it comes to running, and all of our games, challenges and programs are built around those motivation types. Unlike other apps out there, you don't "split the pot" with other winners of the challenges and games. Each challenge is a competition of you vs. you and this dynamic allows each person to push themselves at their own level and pace.

How do I join a challenge?

You can join a challenge directly inside of the RunWage app by visiting the "Virtual Challenges" section of the app found on the home page. Inside you'll be able to browse through the various active and upcoming challenges and find one based on your motivation style and preference. You can also join a challenge by visiting our Challenge Directory through any browser.

How much do I have to bet?

Inside of each particular challenge, you would be required to pay whatever the specific entry fee is for that challenge. Inside of the Personal RunWage Challenge however, you must bet a minimum of $25/month towards that goal. Again, you only need to bet whatever amount you feel comfortable with, because remember - you could lose that entire bet if you don't hit your goal!

Is walking allowed?

Currently, walking is not allowed inside of the RunWage app. For all of our challenges, a minimum pace required for each run is 17:00/mile, so if you technically can walk that fast there is nothing we can do to stop you, but RunWage was developed with running in mind, not walking. Perhaps someday we will incorporate walking challenges, but as of right now that is not an option available.

Do inside runs count?

Absolutely! Both inside and outside runs can count towards any challenge we have. Whether you run outside and take a screenshot of your stats or route, or whether you prefer to log your miles on your treadmill and can capture the treadmill's stats, either way is acceptable as long as the quality of the image is not blurred or fuzzy. We also allow Apple Watch and other Fitbit-type devices to count as workout logs.

Do I earn/win extra if I do more than the challenge?

This question pertains to the Personal RunWage Challenge. The answer is no, you are not rewarded more than your projected payout is if you run further or longer than you originally committed to. This keeps the game fair for everyone and also prevents cheating and over training on your part.

How are runs logged/recorded?

Currently, the RunWage app does not have any built-in run tracking feature, so each run/activity must be logged through an external running app such as Strava, RunKeeper, Garmin, etc. You are responsible for capturing your running statistics through that app and uploading them into the RunWage app through a simple screenshot. We've also partnered with RunSignUp to allow you to log and track your mileage, time and elevation gain throughout a challenge as well, which you can find out more when you sign up for your own Personal RunWage Challenge.

How does RunWage make money?

Contrary to popular belief, we don't just make money off of people who lose their bets. Although that is a very small source of revenue, the majority of our revenue comes through partnerships and vendors. We also keep between 10-15% of each challenge entry fee for software costs and business expenses to keep the RunWage app functioning and innovating.

Is this basically gambling?

No, none of our challenges or games involve gambling because everything is purely skill-based. There is no element of chance involved, because whether you win or hit your goal is entirely under your control. 

How does RunWage prevent cheating?

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for cheating. If any player is found to be cheating or manipulating the system in any way they will be banned for life. We monitor all uploaded runs and screenshots for accuracy and our game referees are on the lookout for suspicious behavior. In the event we do suspect cheating or some numbers don't appear to be legitimate, we may ask a video be provided of running activity for further validation before any winnings or prizes be released.

Do the winnings come from other runners losing their money?

No. As stated above, inside the Personal RunWage Challenge, the entire challenge is you against you, so there is no opportunity for others to lose. Inside of our group challenges, there is no structure we have of "splitting the pot" among the winners. Each challenge is structured to be a competition of you vs. you, so any and all prize and cash payouts to winners are a result of either random giveaway drawings or skill-based results and performance.

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