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RunWage Challenge Rules

Run Verification

All runs and activities must be verified and accepted by RunWage. Runs must be tracked through the use of an external running app (Strava, RunKeeper, Nike, Garmin, etc) although the particular app does not matter. Indoor runs can be verified through a screenshot of the treadmill's statistics (submitted in Imperial measurement) or through the use of a smart watch screenshot. Both indoor and outdoor runs can be used for verification during a single challenge.

Only one run per day may count towards any challenge. If a runner submits multiple runs within the same calendar day, only one will count and a further review will be conducted to ensure there is no cheating taking place. (Example: logging a run at 11:30 P.M. and another at 7:30 A.M. the next day would be acceptable since they are on two separate calendar days.
For Personal RunWage Verification, runners must:
1. Log their run via an external app.
2. Submit their run stats with a photo inside the "Results" section of the Personal RunWage Challenge under "My Challenges" 
Photos must be submitted the same day as the run itself.
If your device or tracking mechanism fails to capture your run data, unfortunately that run cannot be counted. We understand it happens, but there is nothing we can do about those circumstances.
Please note that as part of our anti-cheating efforts, we reserve the right to request additional verification including but not limited to video submission and other means of verification to ensure a level playing field for everyone.

Activity Requirements

Each challenge is different in its requirements and thresholds, but the following applies to any and all challenges or games within the RunWage app:

- Only one qualifying run may be counted per day.
- Runs must be completed in order according to any structure or plan laid out in the individual challenge.
- Each run must include a minimum pace requirement, but may differ based on the individual challenge.
- All runs must be tracked in one continuous session from start to finish.

Multiple Challenges/Games

The only way a runner may participate in multiple challenges at once is if one of their active challenges is the Personal RunWage Challenge. A single run may count for both the Personal RunWage Challenge and a separate virtual challenge simultaneously, but not inside of two virtual challenges if one is not the Personal RunWage Challenge. Entries are monitored and tracked to prevent this from happening.


Winnings and payouts will vary based on the particular challenge taking place, unless that player has somehow been disqualified for whatever reason during the challenge.

For the Personal RunWage Challenge, once all miles are verified and have been accurately submitted within the given timeframe, the payout will occur within 3 business days of the conclusion of the challenge - even if the mileage and challenge requirements are met by the runner prior to the conclusion of the challenge. 
Example: Dan starts his Personal RunWage Challenge on 06/01/2020 and commits to 100 miles in 3 months. His challenge will run from 06/01/2020 - 08/31/2020 (3 months). Dan completes his 100 miles on 08/02/2020. His payout will be sent once verification takes place on or within 3 business days of 08/31/2020.

Bet Payment & Refunds

Any and all bet payments or challenge entry fees must be paid up front. The amount set for the particular challenge is set by that challenge host and the Personal RunWage Challenge is set by your individual bet structure.

Players may receive a 3-day no-questions-asked refund up until the particular challenge starts, or within 3 days of their purchase - whichever is later. If a player wishes to discontinue their bet payment inside of a Personal RunWage Challenge, their monthly bet can be stopped, but no refunds will be issued for anything outside of validated medical excuses.

General Code of Conduct

RunWage was built to be a fun, interactive, competitive and friendly environment for all who enter. However, any players found to be engaging in unacceptable behavior, such as cheating, manipulating, taunting other players, or any other unsportsman-like activities will be disqualified from any challenge they are a part of and banned from the RunWage app. There will also be no opportunities for refunds in this circumstance.

RunWage reserves the right to eject any user at any time for behavior deemed unacceptable or degrading to other people or the RunWage brand.

Injuries & Health Concerns

It should be noted that running injuries can and do happen frequently. Players should use common sense and only participate in games if they are fully healthy enough and able to participate. Players are responsible for consulting a professional health physician prior to competing in any RunWage-related game if they have any health condition or concerns.

By playing, every player agrees to and acknowledges that RunWage and its affiliates and partners, including technology partners and game hosts and coaches, shall not be responsible for any injuries or deaths that may arise from participation in this game. Please reference the RunWage Terms of Use disclaimer for more information.

Age Requirement

All RunWage players must be 18 years or older to participate. If any player is found to be under the age of 18 they will be removed from the game and app.

Other Disclaimers

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) page as it contains important information relating to your game participation. Your use of RunWage and related sites and software and your participation in RunWage's games constitute acceptance of RunWage's Terms and Conditions and its Privacy Policy, and any modifications that may be made to them over time.

Unforeseen Questions

Should a question or situation arise that is not covered or anticipated by these rules laid out above, please email [email protected] for further clarification or guidance on any rules or questions you may have.

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