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Join the 5-Day Free "Get Started Running" Challlenge by RunWage

For Beginners or Those Struggling To Stay Consistent

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Monday May 10th - Friday May 14th

What is this challenge about & who is it for?

  • If you want to run more but can't seem to find the time: We've all been there. We are too busy or make 100 excuses to avoid it. This challenge will help you kick that habit of avoidance.

  • Get specific, daily actions in the RunWage app: Don't know where to start? We got you covered! Our breakdown videos and simple-to-follow checklists walk you through everything needed to successfully become more consistent.

  • If you need some form of accountability: Motivation can only go so far. Our goal is to help you find the INSPIRATION that is going to keep you consistent long after this challenge is over...

"Great spot for a quote from a current customer on your product or solution." - Name

PLUS: Access to our Private Facebook Group and in-app bonuses...

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